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[BETA] Black ops 4 thoughts

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:08 am
by Swisseroo
So far so good is what I would say about the battle royale mode of Black ops 4. It was fun , the game responded well and I did not feel any lag. The picking up of items could and will be improved I'm sure , as many have raised the same point. The game's graphics are sharp, responsive and smooth. I did find some blurring annoying when scoped in in certain areas of the map; close to the rivers and waterways. I did love seeing old black ops 2 maps being used as drop locations. The vehicles were also easy to control and not too buggy, ok maybe once or twice my quad just blew up for no reason but small things like that are to be expected in a beta of this scale. I'm sure many will find the switch from PUBG and Fortnite as easy as I did and I'm sure the game will be relevant for a long while

Have you played? What did you think of it so far? PS: make sure you update your graphic card's drivers as it will signifcantly reduce your crashrate.